The Location
Boston Spa Primary School, England

The Challenge
The School wanted to build an extension to their modular buildings. However the only access route was over the school playing field. This meant one hiab lorry and five transport lorries going back and forth across the field. The potential for damage to the playing field and vehicles getting stuck in mud, resulting in delays and downtime, posed a very real risk.

The Solution
The enquiry came through to the Ground-Guards’ sales team for an in/out trackway and temporary road, with an operating pad at the end on which the hiab lorry would be located.

We recommended MultiTrack mats to create the perfect temporary access road: lightweight, easy to lay, simple to join, quick to pack up and move around, and super strong as well!

The installation went ahead without any problems, and the playing field was back in use again the next day. The School was delighted with the fast turnaround and minimal disruption.

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