The Customer
Utility Pipeline Contractor

The Requirement
A client came to us needing temporary access over a public park area so they could work on the sewage pipework that ran underneath the park.

Since cost was a factor, a key requirement was to find some ground protection that could be laid quickly and without the need to subcontract a specialist labour force.

They also wanted the solution to be secure, eliminating the need for expensive 24 hour security to watch over the site.

The Solution
We advised MultiTrack to be the perfect solution for this task as it is strong, easy to lay and causes minimal ground disruption.

Crucially this means that the park area can be reseeded and restored quickly afterwards; a more cost-effective and less disruptive process than having to dig a lot of stone and bring in new top soil, as many other ground protection solutions would.

MultiTrack is also easy to stack back onto pallets afterwards, so once the job is completed, the mats can be gathered up quickly, safely and with no fuss.

The Outcome
The client found MultiTrack really easy to lay themselves as a solid trackway. This gave them the access they needed to various strategic points in the park, enabling them to fulfil their work quickly and effectively.

Minimal damage was caused to the ground underneath and the park was back to normal in no time. A great result!

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