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If you’re organising an outdoor event or concert then quality ground protection needs to be a key part of your events budget.

GroundGuards’ extensive range of heavy, medium and light duty ground care solutions cater for all event types.

Our high strength composite mats are strong, functional and stylish with various high-traction, anti-slip tread patterns to match your specific needs.

We’ll help you turn a grass field in to a secure car park. Or a dirt track into a safe,  functional wheelchair path. 

We’ll protect the paving stones or tarmac from heavy rigging equipment or cumbersome sets.

Best of all, our ground mats can be laid quickly, easily and efficiently by hand, with no need for specialist or expensive lifting equipment.

Surely that’s worth a song and dance…

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Keep your grass free from rutting and make sure your visitors don’t get stuck in the mud! MultiTrack hand-installed 2.4 x 1.2m mats clip together quickly and easily, making them ideal to create a temporary car park or walkway system for all your big events.

EuroMat (also known as LibertyMat in USA) is an exceptionally good value product for outdoor event usage. They provide temporary access over soft or sensitive ground and are flexible to follow the contours of the ground over undulating slopes.

Ensure your visitors queue safely at the event’s facilities by using FastCoverPlus mats to create a clearly marked out pedestrian walkway system. The yellow and black alternating mats are perfect to create safe social distancing at two metre intervals.

Create a smart, robust temporary roadway with the MaxiTrack ground protection matting system. Featuring anti-slip tread and overlapping flange joints, these mats can be installed quickly and easily by hand with no specialist joining tools needed.

SignaRoad® mats measure 3m x 2m and are made from an ultra-tough HDPE composite. They are connected together with special camlock fixings, which makes them quick and easy to assemble on site: ideal for creating temporary car parks or access roads.

Need an ultra tough roadway system? XtremeMat HDPE 4 x 2 metre big mats are strong, tough and suitable for all heavy vehicles types including rubber tracked or tyred vehiclesOverlapping flange joints give total support on soft ground and over undulating sites.

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