Interior Flooring Protection

Protect your internal flooring with GroundGuards’ lighter duty mat range

Whether you have concrete warehouse floors, spotless marble surfaces, expensive carpets, intricate tiles or hardwood interiors – make sure you protect your internal surfaces from damage that could be caused by pallet trucks, fork lift vehicles or general office disruption or removals.

We have a range of cost-effective, light duty, flexible mats that will help prevent scuffs, scrapes, tears, tyre marks or damage to your flooring.

  • Warehouse flooring protection
  • Office flooring protection and office removals facilitation
  • Data servers flooring protection
  • Agricultural / barn flooring protection
  • Equestrian / stable flooring protection
  • Temporary internal flooring
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For lighter duty, more flexible applications, LiteTrack is the cost-effective trackway of choice to safely support vehicles and pedestrians; a perfect alternative to using plywood without the cost of a more expensive HDPE system which may be over-engineered for your job.

Made from 100% recycled PVC, FastCover provides a strong, durable and economical anti-slip surface. This flooring is cost-effective and very easy to lay; perfect to protect your marble or concrete floors from pallet trolleys, wheelbarrows,  fork lifts and other light vehicles.

FastCoverPlus mats create a clearly marked out pedestrian walkway system. The black and white alternating mats are perfect to create safe social distancing at two metre intervals, or for visual floor markings as needed. This matting system is very cost-effective and simple to install.

Consultation Service – How can we help?

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