MaxiTrack roadway helps divert park traffic

temporary road across public park field

The Location:

Public park, south coast of England

The Problem:

A lengthy construction project taking place at a beautiful public park would result in parts of the park’s busy roadway being temporarily closed – problematic as over 150 cars, busses, bikes and other traffic use this road each day.

How could this traffic be diverted safely around the construction zone? And if this traffic was to be diverted across the nearby parkland, how could the soft grass be protected from damage?

The Solution:

To cause as little disruption to the exiting historic public parkland as possible, and to keep remediation costs to a minimum, the GroundGuards team sized up the job and recommended MaxiTrack as the ideal trackway system for this project on a 4 week rental.

MaxiTrack, with its high traction SmartGrip tread, is a safe, smart solution – perfect for creating a temporary roadway for walking or driving across without any unwanted slips, slides or accidents.

The mats, weighing only 40kg, are quick and easy to install, and can be manoeuvred and repositioned quickly by hand if need be.

Moreover, MaxiTrack features overlapping flange joints to suppress mud. The mats connect snugly together to protect the grass from rutting that would otherwise be caused by the large volume of vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

The Outcome:

A neat, professional, temporary roadway measuring 150m x 3.6m was deployed safely in next to no time. It has enabled this section of the park to remain open during the construction works, with visitors easily able to safely circumnavigate the closed-off area.

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