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The new MaxiTrack system is a truly innovative approach to temporary ground protection.  The lightweight 40kg mats can easily be handled by two workers without the need for specialist lifting equipment or expensive crane hire.

The mats are extremely heavy duty and incredibly strong with overlapping flanges providing maximum support and mud suppression. Their unique slotted joints cope with heat expansion on large areas.

MaxiTrack mats have the unique SmartGrip tread on the upper side giving superior grip in all directions, and OctaGrip on the underside featuring high performance octagonal lugs.

MaxiTrack mats are suitable for use with rubber tracked or tyred vehicles and military vehicles with rubber track pads. Steel tracked plant may be used at the owner’s discretion but will inevitably cause accelerated wear.

MaxiTrack mats can be kept joined in fours, and craned into position as big 3.6 x 1.8 metre mats.

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MaxiTrack Features and Benefits

The world’s most heavy duty, man-handleable trackway

The British Army put MaxiTrack to the test