Re-site your homes without ground damage

The general public’s increased intrest in Great Britsh holidays is keeping caravan and holiday parks particualy busy currently.

Siting a caravan or chalet home is a tricky and potentially dangerous operation at best, but when using wet, muddy plywood it is a recipe for disaster.  We have asked our clients what they think of Ground-Guards when moving and siting caravans, and they say that using plywood is a risk not worth taking.  Use Ground-Guards – the industry standard for safe caravan siting!

Ground-Guards give total peace of mind. There’s no substitute for having the right equipment when you’re siting heavy caravans

Ground-Guard user in North Yorkshire

The plywood moves, then the van sinks into the ground! Not anymore! We have the Ground-Guards

Caravan park in Lancashire

We used plywood on wet ground, the plywood split, the caravan wheel sank in mud and bent the axle on a new caravan. We then bought Ground-Guards!

Caravan park in Swansea