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FastCover: The ultimate heavy duty all-weather ground protection solution for clean and safe construction sites - temporary walkways made easy

When constructing new buildings on a housing development site, it’s important to have a safe and clean temporary walkway for workers to move around without tracking mud into cabins and new buildings. In this article, we will discuss how GroundGuards’ FastCover solution solved this problem.

Temporary walkway

The challenge: Finding a temporary walkway solution for a new housing development site

On a new housing development site, the construction team needed a temporary walkway solution that was easy to lay, lift, and move around. The walkway had to be safe, strong, and suitable for workers carrying tools and materials. The challenge was to find a solution that could reduce the amount of mud being trodden into the cabins and new buildings.

The solution: GroundGuards FastCover, lightweight and interlocking recycled PVC mats with high traction finish

GroundGuards’ team recommended FastCover, a solution they have used many times before. The 1.2m x 0.8m recycled PVC mats are lightweight (only 20kg each) and interlock together to form a safe, strong walkway. The high traction finish of these mats made them an ideal choice for construction sites. FastCover mats can be easily moved around the site and reused in the future.

The outcome: Reduced mud, defined walkway, and highly delighted client

The installation of FastCover mats immediately reduced mud from foot traffic, making cabins and new buildings much cleaner. The FastCover mats created a defined walkway across the site, eliminating the need for muddy routes. The client was highly delighted with the results, commenting, “The site team are very impressed with how these mats perform over uneven ground to create a safe and pleasant walkway.”

Conclusion: FastCover by GroundGuards – the best choice for improved safety and cleanliness on construction sites

GroundGuards’ FastCover solution is the best choice for creating safe and clean walkways on construction sites. With its lightweight, interlocking design and high traction finish, it can be easily moved around the site and reused in the future. By choosing FastCover, you can reduce mud and improve safety for workers while creating a defined walkway.

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