MudStopper mats are an innovative and convenient new product that solves a major problem associated with our environment, and has great economical benefit to the customer!

MudStopper mats effectively remove mud and sediment from vehicle tyres. Whenever a vehicle needs to enter a paved road from an unpaved site, MudStopper is your answer!

How do MudStopper mats work?

MudStopper mats help sediment control by deforming the tire, spreading the tire lugs apart, depositing the dirt, rock, mud, or other sediment onto the mat. Tire lugs and/or treads will make contact differently with the pyramids’ various surfaces. As the tires roll across the mat, the pyramids will scrape, clean, deform, and wipe debris from the tires. Once the tires reach the street, they will be virtually clean from any material.

How are they installed?

MudStopper mats are transported to the construction site on a large truck or trailer. The mats will then be off loaded into place with a forklift or truck mounted boom or jib crane on the in situ soils. No excavation or disturbance of the existing soil is necessary. Once the mats are correctly situated in place, soil anchors can be installed through the mats to hold them into place.

MudStopper mats are 100% recyclable and can be reused for many years.

They are ideal for construction, airports, government, military, oil and gas, roads and bridges, renewable energy, telecommunications, national parks, storm water, pipeline, utilities, mining, agriculture and more.

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