FODS (Foreign Object Debris System) 7′ x 12′ Mat
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FODS (Foreign Object Debris System) 7′ x 12′ Mat

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FODS (Foreign Object Debris System) track-out mats are an innovative new solution for reducing the amount of mud and debris that tracks out of from construction site entrances. They therefore provide substantial savings on the cost of street sweeping throughout the duration of a project.

The mats have a unique pyramid pattern surface which deforms the tyres of vehicles as they pass over it, flexing the tyre treads and sidewalls to crack off the mud and depositing it onto the mat. Once the tyres reach the street, they will be substantially cleaned from loose material.

A run of at least 7 FODS (Foreign Object Debris System) mats is usually recommended. No excavation is necessary as the mats are secured by ground anchors.

FODS (Foreign Object Debris System) mats can be reused on different sites for many years.

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Product Details

Overall Size: 3.6m x 2.1m x 75mm
Surface Area: 7.56m2
Weight: 195kg .
Pallet Quantity: 5
Material: HDPE
Comfortable Weight Loading: 50t
With Caution Weight Loading: 80t
Connectors: Ground anchors
This loading guide is for firm, dry ground. If the weather is likely to turn wet, or the job duration is in excess of a week, please ask for advice about using a more heavy-duty product.

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