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The hire industry is a sector where ground protection mats excel. MultiTrack mats have been the industry favourite ever since their introduction in 2003, and as a profit-generating asset they are hard to beat. 

Guaranteed unbreakable for life, you know you have a sound long-term investment. Maintenance is nothing more than a wash off with the pressure washer, and ROI is typically well under 26 weeks.

In addition GroundGuards also supplies the MaxiTrack system, a more heavy-duty yet still man-handleable mat, with bolted overlapping flange connectors which provide extra support for heavier loads and longer duration jobs.

MultiTrack and MaxiTrack are ideal for temporary access in both the construction and events sectors, and are the perfect extra service to offer your customers when they hire excavators and dumpers.

Another favourite product with the hire industry is FastCover. These recycled PVC mats are ideal for a wide variety of applications from site walkways to marquee floors, to paving protection, and temporary playgrounds.

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