Temporary Haul Roads

Temporary Haul Roads

Temporary haul roads for construction sites

Temporary haul roads for construction sites get very heavy traffic, and are typically constructed by excavating to a depth of 300-600mm and backfilling with crushed stone.

However, this involves a huge amount of work plus the expense of purchasing the stone then removing it and paying for it to be tipped off site at the end of the job.

In addition, there can be dozens of lorry journeys significantly adding to the project’s carbon footprint. Many sites are therefore anxious to minimize the use of crushed stone.

This can be done by using a very heavy-duty composite plastic trackway system on top of a lesser thickness of stone. Or for short term haul roads, just the trackway with no stone at all.

Two trackway systems which are ideal for temporary haul roads are the SignaRoad 3X2m mats or the Xtreme 4X2m mats.  Both can be self-installed if you have a telehandler with long forks available, or we can arrange installation for you if preferred.

These systems cover a wide range of applications including:

  • Temporary haul roads
  • Alternative to stone roadway
  • Temporary site access
  • Heavy duty trackway
  • Crane access trackway
  • Trackway for soft ground
  • Peat bog trackway
  • Alternative to timber bog mats

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