Temporary Car Parks

Temporary or semi-permanent car park systems and overflow parking

Whether your requirement for temporary car parking is for a construction site, a summer event, or a Christmas market, please call our experienced project team so that they can advise you on the best solution your particular requirement, or make a site visit if needed. 

If your requirement is for additional overflow car parking, or a semi-permanent car park, this can be provided by use of a temporary car park system, and will generally not require planning permission. Properly constructed and installed such a temporary carpark can give many years of successful service.

Temporary car parks need to use special matting systems that can cope with the specific challenges of this application. These include accommodating heat expansion without the panels buckling in summer, and avoiding puddling in wet weather.

To cope with heat expansion, we recommend either the Dura Deck system which is light beige in colour to help it reflect the heat, or the MaxiTrack system.  This is made from 100% recycled plastic, and has overlapping lipped connectors which accommodate expansion and also provide better support in wet weather.

Depending on the duration and the weather outlook, as a further measure these systems can be installed over a layer of free-draining crushed stone to avoid puddles during wet weather on longer term car parks.

A further system which works very well over a crushed stone base is FastCover PLUS.  This also is made from 100% recycled plastic, and has overlapping lipped connectors with interlocking lugs which enable it to connect together with no protrusions.  This makes it ideal for pedestrian areas or temporary playgrounds.

Please call our Project Team on 0113 267 6000 to discuss your requirements.

We hire and sell temporary car parks for all applications:

  • Temporary car parks for events
  • Construction site car parks
  • Overflow car parks
  • Semi-permanent car parks
  • Car parks without planning permission
  • Grass protection for car parking
  • Temporary playgrounds

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