Caravans & Holiday Parks

Holiday parks have particularly demanding situations to cope with when siting or moving caravans.

A seven ton holiday home running on just two or four narrow wheels creates a very high load pressure, which can punch straight through a sheet of thin plywood.

Siting caravans can be a dangerous operation, and safety should always be of the highest importance.

Serious and tragic accidents have proven the unsuitability of slippery sheets of plywood to cope with this job, and the loadings it imposes.

From the moment the MultiTrack ground mats were first launched in 2003, they became an absolute must-have for caravan parks. 

In particular, the 8’ x 4’ (2.44 x 1.22m) size have proved to be the ideal ground protection mats for this application – they are strong, will not break or crack, can carry heavy loads and are anti-slip.

For a safe long-term solution, insist on GroundGuards’ MultiTrack. They are the only mats that are guaranteed for life, and are an investment that everyone in the industry who uses them would never be without.

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