Ground Protection for Landscape and Sports Turf

Trackways to protect your….

Protecting the turf on golf courses, sports grounds, parks, pitches and public gardens is crucial during maintenance periods.

You can avoid disruption and expensive remediation costs, as well as increasing your professional image, thanks to GroundGuards’ range of high performance ground protection mats.

We have a large selection of cost-effective, high quality solutions that are strong, lightweight, easy to install by hand, and which will follow the contours of the ground to give the protection you need.

The GroundGuards’ team will advise you on the best matting system for your particular job. 

Featuring anti-slip tread and overlapping flange joints, the MaxiTrack extra heavy duty matting system can be installed quickly and easily by hand with no specialist joining tools needed. Ideal for manoeuvring large plant and equipment across sports pitches or sensitive grounds.

MultiTrack hand-installed 2.4 x 1.2m mats are the ideal solution to create a quick, strong twin trackway. These mats clip together quickly for a simple installation, and can be easily re-configured across the site or from job to job. They are flexible to follow ground contours.

BudgetMats are a low cost, reusable alternative to ply. Lightweight, manoeuvrable and reusable, they improve site safety and help protect the ground during general building works, events and shows. BudgetMats are made from solid 100% recycled LDPE plastic.

EuroMat (also known as LibertyMat in USA) is an exceptionally good value product for providing temporary access over soft or sensitive ground. The mats are flexible to follow the contours of the ground over undulating or sloping conditions. Perfect as a temporary roadway or footpath.

M31 and M21 EnviroMats, made from a tough blend of 100% recycled HDPE plastic, are easy to handle and to transport. The mats are strong and lightweight with moulded hand grips making them easy to carry without leaving holes for mud to come through.

Made from 100% recycled PVC, FastCoverPlus provides a strong, durable and economical anti-slip surface. This flooring is cost-effective and very easy to lay; perfect for grass and turf protection and creating a socially distanced two metre-spaced walkway.

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