Product Videos

MaxiTrack is the world’s most heavy duty, man-handleable trackway mat, guaranteed unbreakable by vehicles up to 130 tonnes!

We challenged the British Army to test MaxiTrack with military vehicles including a Terrier Tank!

MaxiTrack takes large weight with ease, including giant Terex dump trucks!

MaxiTrack testing in the USA – can they break it?

MaxiTrack mats are efficiently stored and transported in SafeStore Stillages to improve Health and Safety in the workplace.

MaxiTrack being used to taxi a Boeing 727 across grass

XtremeMat is the most advanced and versatile heavy duty matting system in the world!

Gatwick Airport recently used XtremeMats to create a temporary access road

An XtremeMat access road being installed across a muddy field

XtremeMats can be maneuvered using a hiab and four leg chain lift

XtremeMats can also be lifted using special fork gripper attachments

MultiTrack is the original and best HDPE mat, lightweight at 39kg yet guaranteed unbreakable by vehicles up to 120 tonnes!

FastCover is the cost-effective, easy-to-lay flooring ideal for protecting pavements and creating temporary car parking space.