Ground Protection Hire Solutions

Trackway Hire for Every Project​

Unlock the potential of your project with GroundGuards’ Trackway Hire, offering bespoke ground protection services that enhance site safety and operational efficiency. Whether you’re managing a construction project or organising an event, our ground protection mats can provide a robust solution for maintaining accessible and environmentally considerate sites. Our mats deliver a stable base for both vehicles and foot traffic, ensuring your project advances smoothly and safely.

Ground protection mats on our hire fleet

Lightweight easy to lift ground protection mats

MultiTrack – Hand installed 2.4 x 1.2m mats which clip together, ideal for general purpose use for pedestrians and vehicles up to 30 tonnes, or up to 60 tonnes for short term jobs.

Ground protection mats easy to lift by hand

MaxiTrack – The most heavy-duty hand installed mat system available. 1.8 x 0.9m mats with overlapping flanges which bolt together, for vehicles up to 50 tonnes, or 80 tonnes short term.

heavy duty temporary access road at airport

XtremeMat – 4 x 2m mechanically installed mats, filled with buoyant foam for use on very soft or wet ground. Can be used with vehicles of 80+ tonnes.

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Elevate Your Project's Success with GroundGuards' Hire Service

  • UK-Wide Delivery: Access our leading mat systems anywhere across the UK.
  • Optional Installation and Uplift Services: Custom solutions to facilitate your project’s setup and completion.
  • Pre‑Cleaned, Ready-to-Use Mats: Ensuring contamination‑free mats for each hire.
  • On-Site Expert Consultations: Tailored advice and support available upon request.
  • Flexible Purchase and Buy-Back Options: Ideal for long‑term projects, enhancing your investment value.
  • Premium Hire Fleet: Depend on the UK’s finest mat systems for your site requirements.

Transparent Hire Terms and Pricing

At GroundGuards, we’re all about being open and committed to you. Check out our Hire Terms to understand our pricing framework and the great value we bring with our ground protection rental services. Our goal is to give you the straightforward info you need to make the best choices for your projects.