Geo-investigation works stay on track despite heavy rainfall

Ground-Guards keep a very wet power-station project moving forward! One of the country’s largest geo-investigation companies recently proved the value of using Ground-Guards track-way, when the site they were working on received 2 months rainfall in 2 weeks! The 1000 acre new power-station site in North Wales quickly turned into a boggy quagmire, but with the […]

Ground-Guards Safe Store Stillage for Hire Companies | Ground Guards | Ground Protection Mats

Ground-Guards | Profitable Opportunity

Plant and Tool Hire companies are finding a huge demand for the Ground-Guards temporary roadway system. This system is made up of lightweight 2.4 x 1.2m panels which weigh just 39kg each. The panels are not made from aluminum to avoid the risk of theft, but are made from a special plastic which is guaranteed […]