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What is the best ground protection over soft gravel?
Are bogmats good as ground protection over soft gravel?
How do I create a solid firm base over soft ground?

The Location:
Waltham Abbey, Enfield

The Requirement:
A sub-station maintenance company required access for MEWPS and telehandlers across soft gravel on a National Grid site.

The maintenance operation was tricky due to the extremely low hanging transmission lines.

The company needed a ground protection system that could be installed by hand, without the need of mechanical lifting equipment which would be a major health and safety concern on site.

The Solution:

Within days of the request, the GroundGuards team were on site implementing a solution.

We recommended MaxiTrack; a heavy duty mat with overlapping joints that would comfortably take the weight of large vehicles whilst providing a firm base for operations to proceed.

Crucially, MaxiTrack mats only weigh 40kg, so two workers could easily lift, manoeuvre and install the mats by hand.

The Outcome:
The 6 week hire project ran like clockwork.

The client was so happy with the MaxiTrack system that they are considering it for their next site project in Coventry.

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