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Enhance your site’s safety without stretching your budget with our cost-efficient solution designed to minimise slip and trip risks. This lightweight yet durable product is simple to manoeuvre and built to withstand heavy-duty applications. It offers unparalleled versatility, featuring a dual-sided design with a pedestrian-friendly walkway tread on one side and a rugged roadway tread on the other, suitable for vehicle traffic. The incorporation of reliable steel ‘clip’ joiners facilitates a secure connection, streamlining both setup and dismantling processes, thus saving valuable time.

ProMat Features & Benefits:

  • Maximise site safety without breaking the bank – a cost-effective solution that reduces slip and trip hazards.
  • Light in weight and robust in performance – easy to handle and stands up to heavy-duty use.
  • Versatile and reversible, with a walkway tread on one side for pedestrians and a roadway tread on the other for vehicles.
  • Reliable steel ‘clip’ joiners ensure a secure and straightforward setup, reducing installation and de-rig time.
  • Reliable steel ‘clip’ joiners ensure a secure and straightforward setup, reducing installation and de-rig time.

This innovative product is not just about its robust functionality; it’s also an eco-friendly choice, made entirely from recycled HDPE. Whether you’re creating safe walkways for pedestrians or durable roadways for vehicles, this versatile and reversible solution has got you covered. Choose between bolted or wire joiners for a tailored fit to your specific needs. Make the smart choice for your site today – prioritise safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

Ideal for use by:

  • Construction: It safeguards surfaces from damage by heavy machinery, facilitating temporary access and site compounds, crucial for minimizing environmental impacts.
  • Events: Essential for creating pedestrian walkways and flooring, it protects the ground from heavy foot traffic and equipment, ensuring venue integrity and attendee safety.
  • Oil & Gas: Provides access to remote sites, supporting heavy machinery while reducing environmental disruption and soil compaction.
  • Renewable Energy: Enables construction and maintenance of infrastructure in remote areas with minimal environmental footprint, offering stable platforms for equipment.
  • Utilities: Offers temporary roads or platforms, protecting landscapes and underground utilities during access and maintenance work in sensitive areas.
  • Civil Engineering and Infrastructure: Indispensable for temporary access roads and compounds, it allows for movement of machinery without damaging terrain, facilitating smoother project execution.
  • Rental Industry: Offers versatile, cost-effective ground protection solutions for various applications, enhancing service value for clients needing temporary access and surface protection.

Ideal to Create:

  • Temporary Access Roads: Essential for construction, utilities, and infrastructure projects, providing a stable surface for vehicles and heavy machinery.
  • Pedestrian Walkways: Crucial for events and civil engineering projects, ensuring safe and accessible routes for attendees or the public.
  • Site Compounds: Vital for construction and oil & gas industries, offering a solid foundation for temporary operations or storage areas.
  • Event Flooring: A must-have for the events industry, protecting the ground and providing a stable platform for attendees and equipment.
  • Pathways Over Sand, Mud & Grass: Important for all listed industries, especially in environmentally sensitive or challenging terrains, ensuring access and protection against surface damage.
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Product Details

Overall Size: 2.4m x 1.2m x 12mm
Surface Area: 2.88m2
Weight: 38kg
Material: 100% Recycled HDPE
Comfortable Weight Loading: 60t
Connectors: Choice of bolted or wire joiners
This loading guide is for firm, dry ground. If the weather is likely to turn wet, or the job duration is in excess of a week, please ask for advice about using a more heavy-duty product.

Further Information

Subject to firm, dry ground conditions, ProMat mats are comfortable with vehicles up to 60 tonnes UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load). However, it is the user’s responsibility to assess the load-bearing capacity of the ground, and to only operate vehicles within the weight that the ground is capable of safely supporting.