TT Racing at the Isle of Man

The Location:
Douglas, Isle of Man

The Requirement:
Construction of the main grandstand at the world famous Isle of Man TT Racing required safe access for site vehicles without causing any damage to the park.

Additionally, pedestrian walkways and car parking was needed throughout the venue.

The Solution:
GroundGuards recommended the MaxiTrack system for this project.

Featuring overlapping flange joints, MaxiTrack mats suppress mud and protect the grass from damage that would otherwise be caused by work vehicles and pedestrian traffic.

The mats are quick and easy to install, and can be manoeuvred and repositioned quickly by hand if need be.

MaxiTrack has a SmartGrip tread to increase traction and prevent unwanted slips, trips and accidents.

The Outcome:

Working with our local distributor we delivered a fully installed solution, creating temporary roadways, car parks and footpaths which looked great and protected the park from damage.

The event was a great success, enjoyed by thousands over the summer period.