Conditions of Hire

  1. All plant and equipment are provided under the standard terms and conditions of Ground-Guards Ltd, as detailed in your hire agreement, and these terms will prevail over any conflicting terms from the Hirer.
  2. The Hirer must evaluate the load-bearing capacity of the site and use the equipment within safe limits. Ground-Guards Ltd disclaims any liability for damages or losses resulting from improper use. Our trackway mats are not designed for use as bridges.
  3. The hiring of ground protection equipment is based on the customer’s specifications. Should adverse weather or unexpected heavy traffic demand additional protection, extra charges as outlined in your hire agreement’s pricing table will apply.
  4. The Hirer should regularly check the mats for secure placement, cleanliness, and undamaged condition. If relocation is necessary, use only GroundGuards pallets and ratchet straps.
  5. The Hirer will incur charges for any damage or loss beyond normal wear and tear. Prohibited use of steel-tracked vehicles or damage from improper handling will result in charges based on the replacement costs specified in your hire agreement’s pricing table.
  6. Immediate reporting of any damage or loss to Ground-Guards Ltd is required. Continued use of damaged equipment may lead to additional charges.
  7. Equipment rental is calculated on a weekly basis, with a minimum one-week hire period. Extensions beyond the initial week will incur additional charges as per the pricing table in your hire agreement.
  8. The Hirer is responsible for insuring and safeguarding the equipment until it is retrieved by Ground-Guards Ltd.’s designated transporter.
  9. Hire start and end dates are as per the contract. Early termination will still result in charges for the full agreed-upon period. Termination requires confirmation from Ground-Guards Ltd, with an off-hire number issued to finalise the process.
  10. For collection, mats should be stacked and strapped on the provided pallets in a reachable location. Charges will apply for any delays or failed collection attempts due to improper preparation, as specified in your hire agreement’s pricing table.
  11. A cleaning fee will be charged if mats are not returned clean, as detailed in the pricing table of your hire agreement. Mats with hardened concrete will be charged at the replacement value instead of the standard cleaning rate.