FastCover FC115 22mm Floor Mats
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FastCover FC115 22mm Floor Mats

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£25.75 ex. VAT

FastCover mats provide an affordable, practical solution for temporary and permanent flooring in a wide range of applications. With an exceptionally reasonable price point, FastCover offers a strong yet cost-effective flooring option.

FastCover is well-suited for uses like marquee flooring, footpaths, construction site walkways, factory and warehouse flooring, equestrian areas, and livestock areas.


  • 22mm thickness withstands impacts, abrasion and loads from foot traffic, vehicles and equipment.
  • Fast and simple joining system for quick installation and removal with no tools needed.
  • Non-slip surface provides stable and secure footing, even when wet.
  • Lightweight yet robust panels are easy for one or two people to carry and install.
  • Minimal ground penetration and no ground anchoring required.

Manufactured from 100% recycled PVC, FastCover sheets provide a tough, long-lasting, and economical anti-slip surface. The interlocking design features integral lips that interlock securely to form smooth joints without trip hazards. Edging ramps are also available to provide a gentle slope where the flooring meets ground level.

The durable PVC construction and interlocking design make FastCover sheets a heavy-duty choice for high-traffic, high-impact applications. Yet the affordable price point and ease of installation make FastCover an attractive option for temporary flooring needs as well. The reversible, reusable design allows the sheets to be reconfigured and re-used multiple times, further enhancing their value.

Overall, FastCover provides a practical balance of strength, durability, anti-slip performance and economical value for a wide range of flooring applications – both temporary and permanent. The interlocking design, edging ramps and reversible sheets also enhance ease of use.


  • Event flooring for concerts, festivals and exhibitions.
  • Site protection at construction sites to prevent ground damage.
  • Temporary roadways and walkways.
  • Vehicle and equipment access over soft ground.
  • Surface protection for block paving or interior floors.
  • Temporary flooring for marquees or military shelters.
  • Warehouse or livestock flooring.
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Product Details

Overall Size: 1.2m x 0.8m x 22mm
Surface Size: 1.16 x 0.76m
Surface Area: 0.88m2
Weight: 20kg
Pallet Quantity: 50
Material: 100% Recycled PVC
Slip Testing: BS7976 part 2
Connectors: Overlapping lips

Further Information

Suitable for pedestrian traffic on grass, or vehicles on a firm paved or crushed stone surface.

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