Ground-Guards Tree Root Protection

Tree root protection for construction projects

Planning Departments may often need to stipulate that site access roads will not involve any excavation because of the proximity of tree roots on the site. Furthermore, that they will also provide additional ground cushioning when passing over the immediate areas where there are tree roots beneath.  This is very important to prevent compaction of the ground, and long-term damage to the soil structure, the tree roots, and ultimately, to the health of the trees themselves.

An effective means of protecting tree roots is to use a double layer of Ground-Guards. Panels with 150mm of wood chips sandwiched in-between which creates a suitably cushioned roadway for this purpose.

The Ground-Guards system is so durable and versatile that whatever your need, the team will be delighted to work with you to provide an effective solution. Please just call our team on 0113 267 6000 for friendly advice on any difficult site conditions that you need assistance with.

Invaluable in the gardens, even during busy festival type events, they stood up very well. We just need more of them!

Head Gardener, Private Estate