Conditions of Hire



Please read the Conditions of Hire below.

It contains important information, in particular the hire termination process, outlining your responsibilities to return hired mats in an agreed manor.

Adherence to this process will ensure that you do not incur surplus hire, cleaning or pack-up fees.

In particular please note:

  • It is the your responsibility to contact us to arrange hire termination.
  • This requires two working days’ notice.
  • An off-hire number will be issued to you so that collection can be arranged.


Conditions of Hire

  1. All plant and equipment is hired out in accordance with the Ground-Guards Ltd standard terms and conditions. (Available on request)
  2. Anyone considering the use of these products should thoroughly test the products to ensure that they satisfy their specific needs.
  3. Ground-Guards Ltd cannot guarantee performance of these products because usage or application of users cannot be controlled by Ground-Guards Ltd. Proper use requires the selection of the proper product for the vehicle trackway or walkway and the specific application.
  4. Ground-Guards Ltd hereby expressly disclaims all warranties either expressed or implied including any implied warranties for a particular purpose and neither assumes, nor authorises, any person to assume for it, any liability in connection with these products.
  5. Users shall not be entitled to recover from Ground-Guards Ltd and/or any distributor claims for any consequential damages to property, for loss of use, loss of time, loss of profit or income, personal injury or any other incidental damages.
  6. Anyone hiring Ground-Guards ground protection are responsible that the mats are regularly inspected to make sure they are kept level, firmly secured, clean and free from any contamination.
  7. Items are hired out on a weekly basis with no allowances for low site utilisation. One week shall consist of 7 days. Minimum hire period is one week. Should the hire run over the initial weekly term, additional week(s) hire will become chargeable.
  8. It is the hirer’s responsibility to insure and take responsibility for the ground protection equipment /machines whilst on site.
  9. Commencement and termination of hire dates are by agreement between the hirer and the owner.  When hire is terminated, an off hire number will be issued. It is the client’s responsibility to contact Ground-Guards Limited to arrange termination. Mats will remain on hire, and will be charged for if an off-hire number has not been acquired. This must be recorded in order to confirm the off hire date. All damage and loss will be charged to the hirer apart from normal wear and tear.
  10. Continued operation of Ground Guards or Machines with broken or missing components may render the hirer liable for additional charges due to subsequent damage.
  11. A clean up charge of £3.50 per board will be implemented if boards are not returned in the same clean condition they were received.
  12. A charge of £10.00 per strap will be implemented if the straps are not returned.
  13. Mats are supplied on special pallets. These are chargeable at £15.00 each if the mats are not returned on them.
  14. Mats must be ready for collection i.e. stacked and strapped on the provided pallets, at the end of the hire. Any waiting or failed collection attempt due to mats not stacked correctly is chargeable.


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