Access to minefield across farmland

How do I protect farmland and fields from damage?
Can I used bogmats to protect farmland and fields from damage?

The Location:

Mining site in Whitehaven, England

The Requirement:

A mining company were looking to mine metallurgical coal near Whitehaven, to supply both the domestic and international steel industry.

They needed safe, cost-effective access across agricultural land to the on-shore site, without damaging the fields or risking vehicles getting stuck in mud.

The Solution:

The company hired a total of 320 MultiTrack mats from GroundGuards over a 21 week period.

MultiTrack mats are the ideal choice as they are lightweight and easy to lay, enabling a twin trackway and compound area to be built quickly and efficiently.

This allowed easy on-site access for their drilling rigs and commercial vehicles.

The Outcome:

A neat and tidy trackway and site compound – strong, reliable, robust – was built in next to no time. The farmland it ran across was undamaged. The company found MultiTrack to be a far superior product to the wooden boards they had used in previous years.

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