Access to minefield across farmland

Preserving Agricultural Land Integrity with GroundGuards' Hand-Installable MultiTrack Mats

Are you seeking a solution to protect farmland and fields from potential damage during heavy-duty operations? GroundGuards’ MultiTrack mats are your answer.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional portability: Lightweight and easy to install by hand, eliminating the need for machinery.
  • Superior protection: Safeguard agricultural land from damage, even under heavy loads.
  • Cost-effective: Provides a robust, reliable solution, outperforming traditional wooden boards.

In a recent case study, a mining company in Whitehaven, England, required access to an on-shore mining site across agricultural land. The challenge was to ensure safe, cost-effective access without damaging the fields or risking vehicles getting stuck in mud.

The solution was GroundGuards’ MultiTrack mats. The company hired a total of 320 MultiTrack mats over a 21-week period. These mats are lightweight and easy to lay, enabling a twin trackway and compound area to be built quickly and efficiently. This facilitated easy on-site access for their drilling rigs and commercial vehicles.

The outcome was a neat and tidy trackway and site compound that was strong, reliable, and robust. The farmland it ran across remained undamaged, proving MultiTrack to be a far superior product to the wooden boards used in previous years.

GroundGuards’ MultiTrack mats are not just a solution; they are an investment in preserving the integrity of your land while ensuring operational efficiency. They are the ideal choice for industries such as construction, live events, renewable energies, and oil and gas, where ground protection is paramount.

For more information, call our team on 0113 267 6000. Protect your land with GroundGuards’ MultiTrack mats – the portable, hand-installable solution for ground protection.

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