Drilling rig access across a football pitch

How do I protect a football pitch or park from damage?
Are bogmats used to protect a football pitch or park from damage?

The Location:
Hersham Football Club in Weybridge, England

The Requirement:
An infrastructure management consultancy required access for a 20 tonne drilling rig and light commercial vehicles across a pitch at Hersham Football Club in Weybridge.

How could they mobilise their assets without tearing up the soft ground during the wet winter months?

The Solution:
GroundGuards recommended the installation of a temporary twin trackway across the pitch using MultiTrack mats.

These would join with a 15m2 pad area which would cater for vehicles that needed to turn or park.

MultiTrack is a great choice for this project as the mats are lightweight, portable, easy to install by hand and incredibly strong: guaranteed unbreakable up to 120 tonnes!

The Outcome:
A neat and tidy trackway and pad area – strong, reliable and efficient – was built in next to no time, providing perfect ground protection for the soft grass underneath whilst minimising disruption to the football club.

Another job well done!

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