Harrogate Food Festival

What is the best ground protection for an event on a park, grass or field?

The Location:

Harrogate Valley Gardens, England

The Requirement:

A four-day annual celebration of some of the best street food from around the world took place at the beautiful Valley Gardens in Harrogate.

Featuring more than 60 traders, various street performers, live music and children’s activities – the event organisers wanted to make sure that the event took place safely and without any slips, trips or accidents occurring.

It was also important to protect the park from rutting from the large number of food wagons on site.

The Solution:

MultiTrack mats were used to create temporary pedestrian walkways and trackways for the vans.

This was a very convenient and easy-to-implement solution since MultiTrack mats are lightweight, simple to install by hand and easy to move around the site if needed.

They provided strong traction over the wet grass, whilst laying out clearly designated areas for the visitors to use.

The Outcome:

A fantastic Bank Holiday event without any hitches!

The organisers were delighted that MultiTrack proved to be both a functional and aesthetic solution, enhancing the event experience.

Everyone is looking forward to next year already!

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