MaxiTrack’s Triumph in Housing Developments

Ground Protection Success with Trackway Mat Hire for Housing Developments

How do I move heavy plant and machinery on a construction housebuilding site?
Are bogmats used to move heavy plant and machinery on a construction housebuilding site?

In the competitive landscape of housing development, swift and effective environmental challenge navigation is crucial. GroundGuards’ MaxiTrack has proven its effectiveness in ground management at two Barratt Homes sites in Kingsley Meadows, Harrogate, and Northampton, offering a reliable solution.

Key points:

  • MaxiTrack ensures stable, durable surfaces for construction traffc. 
  • Adaptable and strong, MaxiTrack safely supports heavy machinery. 
  • MaxiTrack offers longevity and reusability for cost-effective sustainability.


Both Barratt Homes sites encountered significant ground management issues. Kingsley Meadows was plagued by a deteriorating access road, while the Northampton site struggled with soft, wet ground leading to severe rutting. Traditional construction methods were proving ineffective, causing delays and safety hazards.

The Solution:

MaxiTrack was deployed at both sites. The system’s 1.8 x 0.9m plastic mats, featuring overlapping connecting flanges, form a cohesive surface capable of evenly distributing heavy loads. Despite initial doubts, the mats proved their mettle, supporting vehicles up to 130 tonnes with ease. 

The Result:

The MaxiTrack installation resulted in the creation of stable, enduring haul roads. At Kingsley Meadows, the trackway withstood heavy daily traffic, maintaining its integrity for potential reuse. In Northampton, the swift establishment of temporary haul roads enabled the uninterrupted progress of the housing development. 


MaxiTrack has solidified its status as an indispensable ground protection solution, adept at overcoming the trials of construction environments while offering a sustainable and economical option. These case studies highlight the strategic advantage of selecting the right materials and collaboration to surmount construction challenges and propel project success.

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