Social distancing walkway installed at Covid-19 Test Centre

social distancing walkway at Covid Test Centre

CoviDistance Mat Packs: black & yellow mats facilitate walkway segregation

The Location:
Covid Test Centre, West Yorkshire

The Problem:
A new Covid-19 Test Centre, located in West Yorkshire, required safe access to the portable cabins that had been temporarily set up on a grass field.

Thousands of people would be using the Test Centre over the coming months, so a safe, reliable walkway system was needed that could direct people to the entrance along one pathway and out of the exit along another.

Since the winter months were making the grass wet and fairly muddy, it was important that the large volume of foot traffic would not churn up the grass or cause any unwanted slips, trips or accidents.

Even more importantly, the client needed a solution that would help people maintain a strict two metre social distancing whilst they queued to enter the Centre.

social distancing walkway

The Solution:
The experienced GroundGuards’ team have undertaken similar projects at Covid-19 Test Centres in Liverpool, Suffolk and Wolverhampton, and so they had no hesitation in recommending the FastCoverPlus matting system as the perfect solution to satisfy all the client’s requirements.

Bought as part of a special CoviDistance Pack Deal, which includes eight black mats and two yellow ones per pack, the mats were configured so that every fifth mat is yellow – a strong visual reminder to help people stay socially distant, and a much more robust and longer term solution than just using spray paint.

FastCoverPlus ground protection mats, each measuring 1.2 x 0.6m x 22mm and weighing only 14.5kg, feature convenient hand holes so they can easily be carried by hand and installed quickly with no specialist joining equipment needed.

This enabled two workers to install over 100 metres of pathway in under half a day!

The mats have an anti-slip tread for maximum safety, and once connected they remain strong, durable and very high performing.

The Outcome:
The client was delighted with quality of the FastCoverPlus mats, the speed and ease of installation, and the yellow delineation on the walkways.

With thousands of people using the paths for the duration of the pandemic and possibly beyond, this solution was absolutely fit for purpose; the end result looking neat and smart and keeping the Test Centre’s users separated and safe.

Since Covid-19 testing is so important during these difficult times, GroundGuards did not charge any fee for installation services.

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