Event overflow car park

The Customer
Leeds Event Company

The Requirement
The organiser of an upcoming event in Leeds needed some last minute help, and quickly.

The popularity of their event meant they would have hundreds of additional cars to park. And with wet weather forecasted, the sloping field they were planning to use as the overflow carpark was clearly going to become a busy, boggy mess.

How could they cater for high volumes of traffic without causing damage to the wet field, and without one single car getting stuck over the entire weekend?

The Solution
The GroundGuards team planned the whole project for the client to ensure that cars would be able to enter and exit safely from the site without any delay or field damage.

Using MultiTrack the team installed one large roadway down the centre of the field with junctions off to the side so that traffic could circulate back onto the main roadway.

The Outcome
High volumes of traffic were comfortably dealt with. No damage was done to the field. And not a single car got stuck over the entire weekend.

All attendees left the event happy and the client was over the moon. It was a job well done on a careful Yorkshire budget!

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