Urgent haul road access across farmland

Can I use bogmats to create a haul road?
What is the best ground protection to create a haul road?

The Location:

Farmland in East Sussex, England

The Requirement:

A new crematorium being built in Wealdon required access for heavy vehicles across a working farmyard.

Concerns were raised about the weight of the muck-away lorries wrecking the concrete yard, as well as mud spillage on the main road causing health and safety concerns.

The company contacted Ground-Guards for help, as the issue was causing serious concern.

Ground-Guards were on site next day and within 48 hours had designed a solution with MaxiTrack.

The Solution:

Within a few days the client signed off the design and, despite being 250 miles away, our installation team drove through the night to be on-site the next day at 7am to install the trackway.

The early start and rapid deployment associated with MaxiTrack was critical as there was a minimal amount of stoppage time allowed.

With trucks backing up – the pressure was on. But our team delivered the solution quickly and with no delays!

Using MaxiTrack – a portable, easy-to-lay, high traction mat guaranteed unbreakable by vehicles up to 130 tonnes – the haul road protected the concrete yard underneath from the heavy-duty lorries, significantly reducing the spillage of mud onto the main road.

The Outcome:

A neat, tidy, functional roadway.

The client was delighted with our speed of response, the advice and consultation we gave, and the quality of the final solution.