For effective man-handleable, temporary access over soft or sensitive ground, EuroMat is the essential ground protection mat for construction, civil engineering and ground work industries.

Manufactured from 100% recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) and weighing just 35kg, EuroMat handles loads up to 80 tonnes.

With its strategically positioned hand holes EuroMat is easy to off-load from trucks or pallets and easy to move and deploy around the site by two workers. This makes it ideal for both short and long term projects.

EuroMat has a unique chevron traction surface, comprising a broken pattern of rugged nubs, which substantially improves the grip and forward motion of vehicles and plant and reduces sideway slippage, even in the most challenging weather or ground conditions. The chevron traction design also facilitates the dispersal of mud from the mats as vehicles and plant traverse.

EuroMat can be connected with a variety of connection systems to match different ground and weather conditions and for various temporary access requirements. Its flexible nature allows the EuroMat to follow the contours of the ground to deliver highly effective access over undulating or sloping conditions.

EuroMat is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications including temporary roadways, work pads, depot storage areas or pedestrian access and delivers vital protection to sensitive ground for example sport fields, golf courses, park land and landscaped areas.

EuroMat is chemically inert, avoiding leaching of possible pollutants, and is non-conductive making it ideal for use in transmission projects.

Designed with ultimate safety in mind, EuroMat also features micro traction to further increase grip, with options for a pedestrian surface on the reverse side and reflective markings and ‘cats eyes’ for safety in low visibility or night conditions.

Click here to download the EuroMat leaflet.