Ground-Guards saves Brighton’s Big Screen event

“We honestly could not have opened the event without your track mats!” 

Sometimes, despite all the planning and forethought put into organising a big event, a little extra help is needed.

Such was the situation in Brighton this month as the Big Screen team prepared to entertain thousands of revelers at the annual film festival. The team realised at the last minute that additional ground protection was required to satisfy health and safety regulations so that partygoers could safely enjoy the fun and games taking place on the beach.

Step forward Ground-Guards.

With extremely short notice we arranged for a large delivery of MultiTrack ground protection boards to be sent to Brighton quickly, so that the event would not need to be cancelled.

Brighton’s Big Screen team were delighted:

“A massive thank you to your team for all your help during Brighton’s Big Screen 2016. On behalf of the team, we were tremendously impressed with your professionalism, flexibility and wonderful attitude to assist us across the board – particularly with last minute additions to our order!”

“We honestly could not have opened without your track mats! Such is the nature of building a festival on the beach! It has been a pleasure to work with you on our successful event this year and no doubt the office will begin discussions for 2017 in the new year.”

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Brighton Big Screen MultiTrack

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