New ownership models and more refined requirements drive change

The market for ground protection and trackway is seeing many changes with a noticeable increasing requirement for application specific solutions together with a demand for different ownership options.

The Ground Guards team is addressing these challenges by offering bespoke product combination solutions together with selectively offering contractors options to purchase, rent and most recently sale / buy back – where the project application and use is appropriate.

The increase in matching a very specific need to products has provided perfect opportunities for Maxitrack. This is a unique product offering up to 130 tonne heavy duty performance, integrated overlaps and man-handleable at 40kgs each. We now offer specialist underlay options for surface protection and in the last quarter have completed a number of challenging projects for clients – who have also taken advantage of our Sale / Buy Back options.

This flexible facility provides the contractor the solution of asset disposal at the end of a project and of course supports the environmental advantage of MaxiTrack as it is recycled into subsequent projects. This has interestingly created a continual demand for quality used mats and as a consequence Ground Guards are now offering options to buy used mats and offer very attractive deals for customers who want to trade up from 2.4 x 1.2 (8’ x 4’) mats to the Maxitrack.

A priority focus for Ground Guards over the next two quarters is to expand the portfolio of ground protection products and accessories in order that we can continue to provide bespoke and specific solutions. We offer on-site advice, installation, maintenance and removal services and this range can be widened further when we work in partnership with our plant hire customers.

Ground Guards has recently developed two learning portals for our core products:

Please the Ground Guards team know if we can help you with your projects or would like to know more about how we can help you dispose of quality used mats and / or trade up to MaxiTrack.

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