Ground-Guards launches XtremeMats!

We are delighted to introduce another world first – the most advanced and versatile heavy-duty matting system in the world!

Strong, tough and built for use in the harshest environments, new XtremeMats will far outlast timber bogmats, making them a sound investment for long term projects and rental companies.

These ultra-tough HDPE 4 x 2 metre big mats have a hard foam inner core, designed specially to give buoyancy. So you can make access roads across boggy ground, through swamps, or even floating on water!

Overlapping flange joints give total support on soft ground, and are connected with special Mega-Thread bolts for easy alignment on undulating sites.

The mats can be joined in any direction for maximum versatility of site layouts. And by half overlapping the mats, the strength and rigidity of the trackway becomes greatly increased.

Also available – a full range of bolt-on wall sections to create spill containment areas and wash-down pads.

CLICK HERE to watch the XtremeMats video.

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