Remote access to hilltop transmissions

The Location:

Hilltop transmission site, Halifax, England

The Requirement:

Maintenance work to transmission lines, at a remote hilltop field near Halifax, required a heavy duty temporary vehicle park as a base for mobile teams.

The solution needed to be safe, fit-for-purpose and easy to install.

The Solution:

To enable easy, convenient on-site access for the maintenance teams without the fear of vehicles getting stuck in mud or sensitive ground underneath being disturbed, GroundGuards recommended MaxiTrack.

A large pad area, complete with a ground protection sheet underneath, was quickly constructed using a small team of workers, instantly transforming the muddy field into a high performance, high traction car park.

The Outcome:

The customer was really impressed with the speed and efficiency of the MaxiTrack system.

The on-site team now had a safe, convenient area to park their vehicles and equipment without fear of slips, trips and accidents.

Work on the transmission lines was now able to proceed.

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