Temporary school footpath

Temporary School Footpath

The Location:
St. John’s School, York, England

The Requirement:
A 40-week construction project taking place at St. John’s School, York, meant that the existing student footpath would be out of use.

The School wanted to create a temporary, alternative route for the children to use around the nearby cricket pitch.

The solution needed to be safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

The Solution:
After consultation with the GroundGuards’ team, FastCover was chosen as the ideal solution for this job.

Made from strong 100% recycled PVC, FastCover provides a durable, anti-slip surface at an economical price.

The tiles have integral interlocking lips to enable smooth joins without trip hazards, whilst edging ramps provide a gentle transition to ground level.

FastCover is flexible to follow ground contours.

The Outcome:
250 FastCover tiles were used to create a visually attractive 100 metre walkway, providing the school children with a safe access route across the cricket outfield.

This enabled the School to operate ‘business as usual’ whilst the construction work took place.

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