Five times stronger

We think that being five times better at something is worth highlighting.

Therefore we’re delighted to introduce Ground-Guards’ latest ground protection innovation – MaxiTrack – made with a special blend of ultra tough plastic that has 5 times the impact resistance of standard HDPE.

The special plastic blend is called Zetralene, and since it is 5 times stronger it means that MaxiTrack can comfortably handle the weight of 120 tonne mega trucks, whereas competitor products will bend or break under such pressures.

For a bit of fun, we’ve collected a few other unusual facts that also feature the power of five. Enjoy…

The power 4The power of 3

The power 2The power 1


Click here to find out more about MaxiTrack and its unique properties.

Watch the British Army driving tanks over MaxiTrack.

Watch a  video installation guide and see how easy MaxiTrack is to assemble.

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