MaxiTrack: worth its weight

There are some tough trackway systems out there. And then there’s MaxiTrack; Ground-Guards’ latest innovation which takes toughness to a whole new level.

MaxiTrack – the world’s most heavy duty, man-handleable temporary trackway –  is guaranteed to hold extreme weight of up to 130 tonnes. That means virtually any vehicle of any size is comfortable on MaxiTrack mats.

From trucks to tanks, trailers to tractors, nothing can put a strain on MaxiTrack.

That’s because MaxiTrack is made from a special blend of plastic that is 5 times stronger than normal HDPE. It won’t crack, bulge or bend like many others systems do. We guarantee it for five years*.

Despite this, MaxiTrack is very light with each board weighing only 40kg. This makes it easy for two men to lay trackway quickly and with minimal effort. No other system is so strong and lightweight.

For heavy duty construction jobs where you need extra strong ground protection, assembled fast, MaxiTrack is just the job.

Click here to watch videos of MaxiTrack in action.

Maxitrack army tank

Maxitrack army trailer

MaxiTrack 100 tonne truck2

MaxiTrack 130 tonnes unbreakable

MaxiTrack - caterpillar tracks

*MaxiTrack temporary roadway mats are guaranteed for 5 years against breakage by vehicles up to 130 Tonnes UDL (universally distributed load). However, it is the user’s responsibility to assess the load-bearing capacity of the ground, and to only operate vehicles within the weight that the ground is capable of safely supporting. Ground-Guards Ltd accepts no liability whatsoever for any damage, loss or injury arising from the ground conditions on which these products are used. MaxiTrack mats are not suitable to use for bridging purposes. Damage caused by mechanical equipment (e.g. cuts by digger buckets) or sharp protrusions beneath the mats is not covered by this guarantee.

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