NEW MaxiTrack mats: maximum strength, minimal effort

New ground protection solution combines extreme strength with simple handleability

The ground protection industry has often made do with compromised solutions.

If mats are strong then they tend to be heavy; if they are light then they tend to be weak; if they are reliable they tend to be complex.

Too often customers have had to prioritise the performance they want and sacrifice some of the key traits they can’t have.

But what if one mat could unify it all?

Ground-Guards Ltd – leading ground protection innovators across a wide spectrum of industries, including construction, civil engineering, mining, drilling, landscaping, heritage sites and more – has developed a revolutionary new ground care system called MaxiTrack, which is turning the ground care industry on its head.

MaxiTrack is a super strong, environmentally friendly ground mat that is lightweight, easy to lay and safe to carry by hand.

It is made from a lightweight polymer called Zetralene which is five times stronger than standard HDPE and certified to support heavy loads of up to 130 tonnes.

Despite this extreme strength, MaxiTrack is also remarkably light. Mats only weigh 40kg, which means that two workers can safely handle them without the need for expensive lifting equipment, thereby providing a much-needed cost-effective alternative to traditional aluminium panels.

It is the perfect solution for laying down portable access roads or providing temporary ground protection for construction projects, industrial sites and large events.

MaxiTrack  single board

MaxiTrack mats are made from 100% recycled plastic and are also recyclable at the end of their lifetime, satisfying the growing need for a sustainable ground care solution. They are also silicosis and contamination safe.

The new design features a simple but strong bolt connection system for fast, easy joining, as well as clever overlapping flange joints that eliminate board movement and reduces mud seepage.

Ground-Guards believe that MaxiTrack offers a much more productive, efficient and sustainable approach to ground protection, and that no other mat on the market can match its durability, lightness and easy of handling.

Dan Devenish, Global Sales Manager for Ground-Guards, says: “The easy-to-assemble MaxiTrack design makes it one of the strongest and most versatile ground protection systems available.

“MaxiTrack is exactly what our customers have been asking for: a solution to ground care that is lightweight, durable and simple to handle without the need of expensive or specialist lifting equipment.

“The speed with which MaxiTrack can be laid and handled generates fantastic efficiencies and helps increase the productivity of the workforce.

“And the fact that we guarantee MaxiTrack unbreakable up to 130 tonnes gives our customers the confidence to use a plastic solution.

“We believe that our new MaxiTrack product is the most heavy duty, man-handleable trackway system in the world.”

Click here to watch videos of MaxiTrack in action, including ‘The British Army test it with tanks’.

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