Emerald Headingley Stadium requires removable trackway for cherry pickers

Caddick Construction are currently nearing completion of building two new grandstands at the Emerald Headingley Stadium, home of the Leeds Rhinos rugby team.

This work has involved extensive use of cherry pickers which have had to operate from on the pitch itself. To protect the stadium’s sacred turf from damage, Caddick approached Ground-Guards Ltd for a solution.

They needed a temporary ground protection system that could easily be installed and removed on a daily basis, and yet was strong enough to support the weight and leverage of the large cherry pickers that would be used.

The obvious solution was the MaxiTrack system. These 1.8 x 0.9m mats are made out of an incredibly tough lightweight plastic called Zetralene. Despite being guaranteed unbreakable by vehicles up to 130 tones, these ground mats weigh only 40kg each, which make them easily handled by two persons.

For Caddick this has proved essential, as the four individual trackways, one for each cherry picker, are set out by the crews each morning, and then dismantled and packed away at the end of the day to let the pitch recover overnight.

MaxiTrack mats have unique overlapping flange joints which bolt firmly together. This creates a continuous modular surface which is extremely supportive, ideal for the job that Caddick are doing.

MaxiTrack has once again has lived up to its claim as “The world’s most heavy duty man-handleable trackway system.”

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